Program Overview

Elevate Experience is our personal development program for students who participate in a retreat through Reset Experience that connects them to an Elevate Mentor and supportive peer group, and guides students through personal development practices that empower them to elevate their potential. Elevate Crews participate in meetups at least twice a month in-person or online that help students grow their emotional intelligence, accelerate their character development, build their self-esteem, and ignite an internal desire for personal achievement.


Available to 7th + 8th Grade Students: If a student is unable to participate in Reset Experience because of their grade level, they have the unique opportunity to enroll into this program as a junior high student. Once enrolled, we will do our best to find an Elevate Crew in their area.

Social Outings

Student Enrollment

If you are in 9-12 grade, please visit our Reset Experience page to learn more about registering for our upcoming retreat which will provide you with access to the Elevate Experience program. If you are in 7th or 8th grade, please complete the registration form below with a parent/guardian and we will do our best to find an Elevate Crew near you.

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