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Help connect families to our resources and programs.

Community Partners

Community Partners help us connect our personal development programs to youth and families who would benefit from our services. This partnership type is for mental health organizations, behavioral health hospitals, private practices, schools, churches, youth-organizations, and community groups

College Partners

College Partners help us connect social work and psychology students to volunteer opportunities that are offered through our personal development camps.  Students who volunteer at our overnight camps have the responsibility of leading a group of no more than (4) students and serve as their designated point person. Serving at these camps is an excellent way for students to gain hands on experience in the field of mental health when it comes to facilitating group discussions and conducting one on one conversations. This partnership type is for all four-year colleges and universities with a social work or psychology program.

As a partner, you will be added you to an exclusive email list that will provide you with regular program updates and other important information you can pass along to those in your network.

Become a ForeverU Classroom (Coming Fall 2020)

Our current program model provides students with life-changing experiences and opportunities that help them understand the greatness within them by growing their emotional intelligence, accelerating their character development, and igniting an internal desire for personal achievement.

Through our history as a youth development organization, we’ve had (4) significant discoveries:

  • ForeverU needs to offer more immediate programs for local youth who are registered to attend a future camp.

  • Students discover a unique sense of purpose and meaning when they learn life skills that empower them to take responsibility for their life.

  • The parents/guardians of our students need to be educated on how to empower the household and help nurture the character and outlook we are instilling within their children.

  • Community members need to be educated on youth behavioral health and wellness.

With these discoveries in mind, we are excited to share that ForeverU will be moving forward with a plan to embed ourselves within the community through our new project called "ForeverU Classrooms". ForeverU Classrooms are a powerful way that we embed ourselves within the community and to offer personal development programs to youth and families. From life-readiness classes to parent education courses, each of the programs we offer are voluntarily facilitated by a local business or organization we partner with.

The model for how these ForeverU Classrooms work is quite simple:

  • We find local companies and organizations who'd be willing to be a facilitate a ForeverU Classroom.

  • The company or organization selects a class they'd like to voluntarily teach once per quarter.

  • We provide them with a template for creating the class format and assist where needed.

  • The class is marketed to local communities and the the instructor gains brand visibility.

  • Sign up takes place right through our website and we take care of program communication.

  • Our team takes care setup, tear down, and provides all program materials.​

To enroll as a class instructor, please send an email to or click below.

ForeverU Class Offerings (20-25+ participants per class)

Have an idea for a class not listed? We'd love to speak with you about it! Send an email to

Life-Readiness Programs

Mindful Living
Stress Management
Job Interview Etiquette
Resume Writing
Public Speaking
Personal Finance
Goal Setting
Life Transitions (Seasonal)

Parent Education Programs

Youth Anxiety

Youth Depression

Youth Substance Abuse

Youth Behavioral Trends

Certification Programs

Mental Health First Aid Certification

First Aid and CPR Certification

Suicide Prevention Certification

Narcan Certification

Bullying Prevention Certification

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Disclaimer: ForeverU is classified as a youth development organization. Please know that our volunteers, employees, and representatives are not medical professionals. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about offering support and belonging to youth experiencing an emotional or situational form of adversity. The information and programs we provide are meant to encourage and support students and is not meant to replace the advice or expertise of medical professionals.

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